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Vixen Hair is a hair extensions business based in Brisbane. Our expertise? The discrete Nano method and Non-chemical Ombre / Balayage! Hurray for healthy natural hair! Our extensionists are highly skilled, qualified professionals who, via honest consultation and establishing the most suitable fitting method, will ensure your results look natural whilst maintaining the health of your hair.

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We pride ourselves on our unique personal touch, perfectionism and outstanding customer service. Ensuring that all our customers leave with a natural look, feeling (and looking) their best is top priority. With a touch of Vixen magic, your tresses will be show stoppers.

Offering the highest grade human hair from various origins across the world (Guaranteeing No Tangling, No Shedding and No Frizziness*) along with a professional colour match and elite application technique consultation, a natural luxurious result will be achieved - guaranteeing that "whip your hair back and forth" feeling as you leave with your dream hair!

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Hair Extension Types

How do hair extensions work? We get this question all the time. Hair extensions are a versatile and popular way to enhance one's hair length, volume, and style. Hair Extensions work by adding real human hair strands to a person's existing hair, providing a natural and fuller appearance. They are available in various ‘types’, such as clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, fusion, and beaded extensions. Depending on your genetic makeup, lifestyle, and preferences, certain types of hair extensions may be better suited for you. To learn more about specific types of hair extensions and discover which one might be the best fit for you, click on the categories below for detailed information and guidance tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking to achieve a temporary change or a more permanent transformation, understanding how different hair extensions work is the first step toward achieving your desired look. Take our ‘Which Type?’ quiz for a quick answer, or research the different categories using the links below.

Speciality Nano Tips

Nano Tips

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  Micro Beads

Micro Beads

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  Clip In

Clip In

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Now its time to choose your hair!
There are many different variables when it comes to purchasing hair. From a quality perspective, we ALWAYS recommend 12A Double Drawn, Remy Hair….however, you can chose a lower grade if you desire.
Information below


Just want to add a little volume to your natural hair? we recommend (depending on your hair type and style) between 25g – 100g.

Length & Volume

Looking for added volume and a few more inches in length? We recommend (depending on your hair type and style) between 125g – 175g.


Wanting a full, glamourous look or have a blunt bob cut you want to fill out? We recommend (depending on your hair type and style) between 175g – 250g.

For more information on the variables when it comes to selecting hair,

See the below dropdowns

Hair length is a personal preference. If your wanting to volumise the hair only, we recommended 2-4inches longer than your natural hair (this will give us enough hair to evenly match with the length of your own). For length, it is entirely up to you! We would always recommend, the longer you want the hair, the more gram of hair you purchase to give a full and even look.

All the hair we supply is guaranteed to be 100% Human Hair. It is not mixed with Synthetic or animal hair.

All hair is provided a ‘Hair Grading’ that goes to a maximum of 12A. This identified the ratio of relatively shorter hairs in a bundle. The higher the number, the lesser the % of shorter hairs in the bundle. This means the higher the number, the higher the grade. We opt for 12A, which is the top of what’s available, however you can reduce this all the way to 6A for a small cost saving.

Single drawn hair extensions contain a multitude of hair lengths (usually 30% of the bundle is the length you order, the rest is shorter). So each hair strand barely has the same length as the next, which results in thickness at the tip then tapers downwards leaving a thin result at the ends. Single drawn hair can be good for clients who want a natural finish, more volume through the middle and lighter ends. Double Drawn hair consists of 70%-90% of the length ordered (with a smaller amount that is shorter).  At Vixen hair, although it is more expensive, we always recommend double drawn as it lasts longer due to its thickness.

You can get Remy and Non-Remy hair.  Remy hair is where the cuticles are still intact and have not been stripped. Intact cuticles lay flat and protect the locks, making them appear extra shiny. The strands also all face the same direction from root to tip, which gives it that smooth and sleek look you know and love. Another advantage of all the hairs flowing in the right direction is its less likely to knot or tangle. Remy hair is collected directly from the scalp Non-Remy hair may have the cuticles intact, however the hairs will flow in different directions. Non-Remy hair can come from a multitude of sources including collection of ‘fallen’ hairs from hair brushes or even floors. This will result in quicker tangling and matting of the hair, shedding and a shorter life span. We recommend Remy hair for all clients.

The word 'virgin' refers to something that is pure and untouched. When used in the hair industry, Virgin refers to hair that has not been permed, colored treated, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, steam treated or gone through any other chemical processing. This is whilst on the donors head and after removal. It is completely natural. Virgin hair can add an additional cost to your purchase, however it gives the added benefits: 1. Virgin hair is cut in its natural state. Each bundle is different in texture and wave pattern. This means there is something for everyone. 2. All the cuticles in the Virgin hair are intact and running in the same direction (Remy). You are therefore guaranteed to have the right cuticle alignment ensuring soft, silky and tangle free. 3. Virgin is premium grade and provides a beautiful, shiny appearance.  Virgin hair will ultimately be the most expensive option of hair available however it also lasts the longest if properly taken care of.   4. Virgin hair is harvested real human hair from one donor. Its harvesting process is meticulous adding to its premium value. Virgin hair isn’t a necessity in our recommendations; however, you are able to choose virgin hair if you wish. We would need to provide a specialist quote for this product. Please enquire within.

You have the option of any Origin for your hair extensions. Usually, ‘Russian’ or ‘European’ hair is the most popular and thought to be the highest of quality however, from our experience in the industry, most hair is sourced from India and China and ‘processed’/‘re-labelled’ as being collected from an exotic source (Brazilian, Russian etc). Our recommendation is to go for Indian hair. If you want to read more on this, please visit

Single Donor hair really only matters for a few types of hair including Indian Temple hair or possibly a unique grey hair. Is it necessary? 99.9% of the time we would say no. Some companies "claim" the hair bundle is from a single donor but we would not recommend paying extra for it.

We provide double stich (rather than single stich) to reduce shedding of our wefts.

Why Vixen Hair?


8+ Years Experience

Premium Grade, Fully Personalised, 100% Remy Human Hair Available

Full After Care Support & Contact

Mobile Service Available

Complimentary selection of Alcohol, Tea’s & Barista Coffee Served*

(*only available in Salon)

Latest Techniques Offered – Including 5 Extension Types (27 Type Variations) & 6 Fitting Styles

Services / Prices

We offer numerous services to help you achieve the look you desire.
By separating them (rather than providing package deals) this makes our services affordable to all. Click the icons below for more information.

For more information on hair grading, please get in touch.


See the below dropdowns

A Balayage effect is a gradient of hair colour. Balayage offers gorgeous multi-tonal highlighting to the hair that looks naturally sun kissed and can be achieved on any colour. Due to the mix of colours used, it also minimises harsh or obvious regrowth lines at the root. Balayage is a salon technique used to achieve Ombre by using patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the colour. look.

A number of our extension techniques require absolutely NO chemicals for installation; therefore, they are safe to wear during your pregnancy. However, it is more common for women to experience fuller, thicker hair whilst pregnant. Here’s a little fact: You’re not growing more hair, you’re just losing hair at a slower rate. During those 9 months, estrogen levels are higher which result in less hair shedding…so your hair feels thicker. The upside to this is that your extensions may stay in longer (shedding hair contributes to loose extensions, hence , why move-up appointments are more frequent for some than others). Some women shed hair at a faster rate and can’t go quite as long as the 8-week mark.

You may find yourself needing extensions more after giving birth than during your pregnancy. It is common for women to notice hair loss after giving birth .Postpartum hair will go back to its regular growth rate so you may experience more hair falling out. This is due to estrogen levels tapering back to normal. Dont worry, this isn’t going to be permanent and with Vixen Hair, you have the option to add more volume and thickness through the variety of methods we offer. If it’s just volume you desire, you can do a couple of rows while you wait for your hair to return to it’s regular programming, and then have a full set. A temporary option for a busy mum who doesn’t have time to visit the salon is to order a set of clip-ins!

We do advise that every mum to be gains medical advice prior to having extensions fitted. We remind you that it is at your own risk should you wish to proceed.

Hair extensions must be removed and refitted every 6 to 8 weeks by a qualified hair extension technician. This is absolutely vital to ensure minimal damage is done to your own hair or the extensions. At fitting, our extensionist will arrange your removal / re-fitting appointment to ensure this time frame isn't missed accidentally.

We advise that the removal and refitting is completed in two sessions, however both services can be completed at the same time if preferred. Separating removal and re-fitting appointments allows you to properly clean your hair with clarifying shampoo in-between - removing any build-up of product, adhesive or bond residue.

Don’t panic - it is normal to lose up to 15 hair strands throughout the 6 – 8 week fitting period. These can be saved and re-used.

Hair extensions can fall due to many reasons:

  1. Did you condition your hair or use oil prior to fitting? If so, this can cause the extension bond to more easily slip, thus resulting in extensions coming out.
  2. Are you pulling too hard when styling? Putting hard pressure on the hair whilst styling can cause breakage at the roots (damage to your own hair) or to pull the extensions out.
  3. Are you using heat too close to the extension bond? Hair dryers and styling appliances will melt the extension / adhesive bonds if used too closely or on a high heat setting. Set your heat at a lower temperature, hold the appliance further away or start further down the length.
  4. How old are your extensions? Over time, the bonds of the extensions begin to break down. This can loosen the bonds causing them to fall out easier.

Ensure you are following the Aftercare instructions to maintain the longevity of your extensions. Vixen Hair pride themselves in customer service. If you feel it is due to poor quality, please contact us and we will be happy to review the fitting.

Yes! Always ensure you use a hair extension brush / tangled teaser to prevent the slipping of hair extensions. Your hairbrush must not have balls on the end of the bristles as this puts pressure on the extensions.

Be gentle and hold the tops of the extensions while starting to brush any tangles from the bottom. Purchase a brush from Vixen Hair for $10.

Try not to wash hair extensions more than twice a week as this can cause extra stress to the extensions.

Of course, our hair extensions are real human hair at the highest grade and can be styled in any way. Heat appliances such as straighteners, hair dryers or curling tongs are fine to use however, overuse can cause drying and breakage. Avoid the top of the extensions when applying any heat, as this can damage and melt the bonds (causing fall out or damage to natural hair via bond residue). Always use heat protection spray.

We only provide the highest grade of her extension at Vixen Hair. This means that the hair can be coloured if desired. However, we do not recommend the colouring of extensions as drying may occur and the lifespan of the hair will be shortened. It is recommended that you engage a professional colourist to make any colour changes to your extensions. This is done at your own risk. The use of sulphate free toners is acceptable however, be aware that unnecessary processing may still dry out the extensions. Your own hair can be coloured whilst the extensions are in, as long as the chemicals do not touch the tips or bonds of the extensions. We advise you only have your T section coloured where necessary to avoid risking the accidental colouring of your hair extensions.

Been away on your holidays? Suncream, Chlorine and salt water can dry out hair extensions and cause them to become discoloured. This is not a fault with the hair, but the chemicals and minerals in the water. This impacts the lifespan of the extensions. We do not recommend swimming whilst wearing extensions, however, if you choose to, ensure you plait the hair to avoid tangling and try to keep them as dry as possible (e.g wear a swimming cap). UV Rays can dry out, fade or discolour extensions and breakdown bonds, so wrap the here in a towel if you use the sunbed. Hair extensions gone Brassy or discoloured after your jolly’s? Bring them back to life with Malibu Hard Water Treatment. Purchase online.

We have a full guide for that! Our guide covers various topics to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your extensions.

Click here to read the guide

Yes, you can swim whilst wearing hair extensions. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Ensure that you tie your hair in a loose plait or leave it hanging.
  • You’ll need to avoid wearing the hair in a bun as this encourages the tangling of wet hair.
  • You sholid always rinse the hair as soon as possible after swimming; use a shower if available. Make sure you wash it with a salon-quality slifate free shampoo that evening/day, then add a deep conditioning treatment mask.
  • You'll need to apply a product such as an argan oil before swimming. It will help restore the moisture of your hair.
  • If possible, rinse your hair in freshwater before entering the pool or the ocean, as this will allow your extensions (and natural hair) not to soak up the chlorine or seawater.
  • If you swim frequently, it is necessary to understand that your hair extensions won’t last long; extensions for people who swim less often last longer.

If your hair loss is caused by a medical condition or hormonal changes, we would strongly recommend not having hair extensions fitted. Due to the additional weight of the hair extension and the ‘tension’ created at the bond, this will cause further stress on the root, resulting in possible inflammation of the scalp and further hair loss. We always advise clients to gain professional advice from a doctor in this situation. Should you advise that you suffer from a hair loss condition, we will strongly recommend that you do not move forward with semi-permanent extensions (however this is at your own risk). There are other temporary options to consider (for example, Real hair full wigs, Halo’s or Clip ins) – we can advise on all options.

If your hair is simply getting thinner (usually with age or over-processing) or is a heredity condition, generally you shouldn’t have an issue with semi-permanent hair extensions. You will need to gain further advice from our team on the right method to ensure the bonds of the extension are unnoticeable (as some methods can be difficult to disguise with thin hair). Book a consultation for further information.

Unfortunately, not! Below are the 2 main reasons we do not hold stock quantities:

  1. Ensure the Hair is as close to your natural hair as possible!
    There are many different variables when purchasing hair. It is essential that each variable is considered carefully when purchasing your hair to ensure we achieve the look you desire. By ordering in your hair specifically to your needs, we will achieve the best possible result. Other Salons who stock hair may be able to touch a few of these variables, however, they cannot provide the top preference for each as it would be impossible to stock this amount of hair.
  2. Save you money!
    We are a small salon and it would not be financially viable to stock all the different colours, lengths, grades, techniques and options available when it comes to hair extensions (this would see us inflating the prices hugely like some of the salons that DO stock hair). We like to pass a saving onto our customers, we can only do this by making individual specific orders for our clients.

We are aware that, holding stock would mean we can put extensions in quicker, however we believe there is a higher chance you will be unhappy with the result. We would much prefer for all aspects to be correct, rather than get close…and this takes time. When purchasing new hair, it is essential a face to face consultation is completed for variable matching.

Below are examples of the variables when selecting hair extensions. Also revert back to the drop-down list under the hair section where there are more variables:

  1. Colour (including preference around mixes, ombres, root stretch, balayage etc)
  2. (available from 10 inch – 30 inch)
  3. Fitting Type (LA Weave, Handtied Weave, PU Weft, Fushion, Tape, Invisible tape, Micro, Nano)
  4. Density (from 25g – 250g or ‘head amount’)
  5. Kink Profile (Straight, Natural, Kink, Curly, Afro etc)
  6. Hair Grade (6a – 12a)
  7. Double or Single Drawn

When we fit or refit, we need to fully replace the bond elements of the extension (for example – the beads, tapes, glue, Thread etc). For a simply removal, we are only removing the old ones, rather than replacing.

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